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Your nervous system

Providing that you pay your electrical bill, the lights in your

home stay on. Electricity does not fade out otherwise.

A light bulb will burn out, as anything else will which depends

on an ulterior source of energy. Then you replace the bulb. Your

body runs the same, it depends on proper electrical supply, which

comes from your brain and nervous system.  Unlike the light bulb,

your body has a warning system(stiffness, pain, etc.). And unlike the

bulb, your body can't be replaced.  

Chiropractic is the science and are of keeping the energy in your body

flowing.  You have to choices, see your Chiropractor or replace the

body,  If you are not getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, your 

body is slowly deteriorating. That is not my bright idea, that is just the

way it is.

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Posted on February 12, 2013 at 1:12 PM Comments comments (130)
My names is Dr. James Goforth. I have been a Chiropractor since 1079. Prior to that I was a nuclear Machinist.   The precision work required of a machinist led me to discover within the Chiropractic profession a similar approach to back problems.  That is the Gonstead technique, considered by many to be the Gold Standard in Chiropractic.
Prior to opening my first practice in Pleasant HIll, CA, I worked in one of the busiest Chiropractic offices in the country, by myself seeing up to 400 patients per week.  But the standard results that I had hoped to achieve were not always there.  So I moved to San Jose, CA, to work with two of the top Gonstead doctors in the country.  It was this experience that laid the foundation for the later results that I have achieved as a Chiropractor.  Most people are not aware of the fact that the Chiropractic profession is composed of two entirely different factions, straights and mixers.  A mixer is a Chiropractor who uses many different approaches to handle his patient.  These include physio therapy, nutrition, emotional response, massage, laser therapy, etc.  The straight Chiropractor focuses his approach on the discovery and correction of the vertebral subluxation.  This is defined as : 1. a minor misalignment of the segment of the spine(vertebrae), causing an irritation to a nerve, with a loss of normal function.   Without the correction of the vertebral subluxation, optimum health is not possible. Having practiced for 33 years, I have never found anything within the Chiropractic profession that produced better results with the vertebral subluxation than the Gonstead technique.  For further information, just us user words Gonstead on your computer.


Posted on February 11, 2013 at 1:07 PM Comments comments (65)
My name is Dr. James Goforth.  I have been a Chiropractor since 1979, originally practicing in Pleasant Hill, CA, and then moving to my current location in east Hollywood in 2003.  Chiropractic is divided into two different approaches, mixers and straight Chiropractors.  Mixers do a little of everything, including but not limited to nutrition, hair analysis, massage, physical therapy, emotional response treatment, laser treatment, etc.  Straight Chiropractors confine their approach to the correction of the vertebral subluxation complex(VSC).  What is that?  That is what Chriopractic philosophy was founded on. Simply but not adequately put, it is a pinched nerve.  Properly defined, it is (1). a minor misalignment of the segment of the spine(vertebral), causing an irritation to a nerve, with a loss of normal nerve function.  (2) An interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue, or organ of the body.
  Simply put, a bone slips out of place in the spine, puts pressure on a nerve, and whatever is at the end of the nerve will not function properly.  This could be your leg, heart, thyroid gland, lungs, etc.  It is the Chiropractor who can locate these misaligned bones and put them back in position.  Having done this for 33 years, I can honestly say that the best way to do that is by using  the Gonstead methodology, of which I am very proficient.  For information on the Gonstead technique, considered by many to be the Gold Standard of Chiropractic techniques, just use key word Gonstead.