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Your nervous system

Providing that you pay your electrical bill, the lights in your

home stay on. Electricity does not fade out otherwise.

A light bulb will burn out, as anything else will which depends

on an ulterior source of energy. Then you replace the bulb. Your

body runs the same, it depends on proper electrical supply, which

comes from your brain and nervous system.  Unlike the light bulb,

your body has a warning system(stiffness, pain, etc.). And unlike the

bulb, your body can't be replaced.  

Chiropractic is the science and are of keeping the energy in your body

flowing.  You have to choices, see your Chiropractor or replace the

body,  If you are not getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, your 

body is slowly deteriorating. That is not my bright idea, that is just the

way it is.

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7 steps to better health

Posted on December 21, 2016 at 9:14 PM Comments comments (153)
   This is exactly how a visit to Dr. Goforth goes.
  1.  You call 818-273-4103 and schedule your appointment.  
  2.  You drive to 10308 Mcbroom St., Shadow Hills Ca 91040
  3.  You stop at the Beware of Dog sign and call Dr.Jim, unless
        you have already met Hunter the Husky, in which case you
        would proceed to the office.
  4. You take your shirt off and hold a meter which will show you
       the exact location of the source of your problem.
  5. You allow Dr. Jim to adjust your spine.  
  6. You pay $45 for the visit or purchase 4 visits for $100.
  7. You leave happy and Hunter escorts you to the front gate,total
       elapsed time is about 15 minutes

Correct emphasis

Posted on November 6, 2015 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (121)
 Many years ago a person had a low back pain which sent a sharp pain radiating down his
left leg. So he went to see a Chiropractor. The doc took a look at the patient, poked around at his spine for quite awhile, then told the person that he had a subluxation of the 5th lumbar vertebra that needed to be adjusted. Sounded like the doc knew what he was talking about, so
the person went along with this, got adjusted and left the office minus the back pain.

Flash forward to 2015. Same person, same low back pain radiating down his left leg. So he
went to see a Chiropractor. The doc took a look at the patient, did some unusual tests, then
asked the person if he takes vitamins on a regular basis. The patient said no so the doc prescribed a vitamin program to handle this back problem. The doc sounded like he knew what he was talking about, so he purchased the vitamins and left the office with the back pain.
A few days later the leg pain became unbearable so he went to see a different Chiropractor. The doctor took a look at him, did some unusual tests,  told the person that he believed that he has a low back strain and suggested a treatment program of physical therapy. The doctor sounded like he knew what he was talking about, so he purchased a six week physical therapy program, started treatment, and left the office with the low back pain.  A week later the low back pain was getting worse. The person wondered why nobody had suggested an adjustment but were emphasizing other forms of treatment. I mean, they sure sounded liked
they knew what they were talking about, yet he wasn't getting the result that he wanted, which was no low back pain.

Moral of the story:  True knowledge will give a correct emphasis and only a theoretical knowledge will give a wrong emphasis. The health professions today are absolutely strewn with wrong emphasis. And you can keep moving something farther and further afield with wrong emphasis, up to a point where the technology practically gets lost. Wrong emphasis, wrong emphasis. Maddening. And you wonder how a Chiropractic College could possible close up. If this rings a bell, you might really be interested in the money made by those who use fear to lead people away from the true dope in order to fill their own coffers. Check out The Truth About Cancer on the internet, I did and was amazed at how ignorant I had become about what is really going on in health care  today. Time to start emphasizing the truth.

Back pain relief simplified

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 2:26 PM Comments comments (142)
Back pain relief is attained by finding out what caused the pain, and reversing.  This is so simple that you won't believe it.  Cause: a bone slips backward. twists to the right, and also wedges on the right.  Determine which bone has slipped, then make a Chiropractic adjustment that moves the bone forward, from right to left and also reduce the lateral wedging. This puts the bone in a more correct position and usually results in immediate relief.  If there is no relief, either one of the correction factors has been missed, or the problem is so bad that several adjustments are necessary.  This is just for relief, it does not correct the problem, which is something that I will address in my next post. Dr. J