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Your nervous system

Providing that you pay your electrical bill, the lights in your

home stay on. Electricity does not fade out otherwise.

A light bulb will burn out, as anything else will which depends

on an ulterior source of energy. Then you replace the bulb. Your

body runs the same, it depends on proper electrical supply, which

comes from your brain and nervous system.  Unlike the light bulb,

your body has a warning system(stiffness, pain, etc.). And unlike the

bulb, your body can't be replaced.  

Chiropractic is the science and are of keeping the energy in your body

flowing.  You have to choices, see your Chiropractor or replace the

body,  If you are not getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, your 

body is slowly deteriorating. That is not my bright idea, that is just the

way it is.

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Just a pinched nerve?

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (470)
  A pinched nerve, called by Chiropractors' a "Subluxation". Okay,  so how did that happen.  Well its a little more than your tackle football game at your 40th birthday party.  This is what and when this usually happens, almost 99% of the time.
  Somewhere around your first or second birthday, you fell down and a bone slipped out of place.  This put pressure on the spinal nerve just below the bone.  This pressure was enough to cause the organ at the end to not function properly.  So you suffered through the usual childhood disorders such as cold, flu, stomach aches, ear aches, etc.  As you enter your twenties and thirties, the subluxation, uncorrected, now has cause disease to take over the affected part of the body served by this pinched nerve.  As the condition continues to deteriorate, your body will now let you know that you have a problem.  So you play football and wonder why your low back is so bad the next day that you can't put your shoes on.  Never having had back pain, you go to the doctor and are giving some muscle relaxers, or some other form of band aid treatment.  Now unable to play golf anymore, you seek out a Chiropractor.  The Chiropractor examines your back and informs you that you have a subluxation and will need to be x-rayed to determine the damage. Unaware of the above mentioned journey that the subluxation goes through, you argue that you don't need x-rays as this just happened and you do not need x-rays. 
  But the Chiropractor is convincing and you can't stand the pain anymore.  The x-rays show a subluxation that has reached phase three of subluxation degeneration, the disc is 50% gone, and that is not correctable, but relief is definitely available with continued Chiropractic.  So you agree to a treatment program, and to your disbelief, your back pain is immediately 90% better and overnight completely disappears.  You are so excited that you get on the internet and write a great review for the Chiropractor.  Of course, since the back pain is gone, you do not see any need to continue with Chiropractic care, so you jus disappear.  Two years later the Chiropractor runs into you at the golf course and asks why you have not been in for treatment.  So you explain to him that you had prostate cancer and had to have surgery and that why you did not continue with your Chiropractic care and the handling of the subluxation.
  Over the past 35 years, I have lost track of the number of these cases that I have runs into is unbelievable.  From this I have come up with two stable references: (1) It is impossible to convince someone of something negative that could happen in the future, and (2) The definition of the subluxation as the "silent killer" is very, very, true.