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Posted on July 22, 2014 at 7:37 AM Comments comments (33)
  Chiropractic is all about communication between the brain and nervous system, such communication going to every tissue and organ in the body.  When this communication is not interfered with by the subluxation, health reigns supreme. 
 Communication is also important between patient and Chiropractor.  The patient wants to communicate what they consider to be their problem(some type of symptom).  The Chiropractor's job is to communicate to the patient, while fully acknowledging their communication about their symptom, what the problem is which is causing the patients symptom.  An understanding of this will put the patient at cause over his problem, as opposed to being the effect of his symptom.

Early in my career I stayed away from any communication with a patient about his symptom.  My rationale was that I did not want the patient thinking that his symptom was the primary target, knowing full well that if I did that, the patient would incorrectly assume that if a symptom was not showing up in his body, that he was healthy.  So I always communicate to the patient that the problem(subluxation) is in existence years before a symptom shows up.  By that time the nerve interference has established disease in the organ that is supplied by that nerve.  In other words, waiting around for the symptom is equivalent to waiting around for death.

  On a larger scale, communication is survival.  Without it, somebody or something is doomed..  Pick up the newspaper and you will see some results of failed communication: War, divorce, bigotry, suicide, heartbreak and finally death.

  So I suggest that we all get to the Chiropractor and get our subluxations corrected  so that our communication lines are free of interference, and then we will be more able to communicate to our fellow man to help exterminate our social subluxations. 

  A body with no communication interference is a healthy body, a society with no communication interference is a healthy society.

  I am doing my part by communicating to you about this situation, you could add to that momentum by getting your body's communication lines freed up, and you might want to consider communicating to your fellow man  in such a way so as to make his or her life better. 

  Then check to see how this makes you feel.  I think that you will find that you now feel pretty darn good about yourself and the world just might look a little brighter, thanks in no small part to you.