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Manipulation vs adjustment.

Posted on December 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM
Adjustments versus manipulation.

 I am often asked by a patient why the Gonstead type of adjustment works so much better than other techniques. The answer is actually quite simple, it has to do with definitions.

  An adjustment infers that a bone has been misaligned and needs to be put back in or at least toward the location from which it came.  This means did the bone slip right, left, backward, forward, wedge on the right or wedge on the left.

  The way that you verify this is the Gonstead Doctor puts his finger on the bone and moves it back and forth, up and down, right or left and decides which way the bone has shifted.
  Having determined which way it has shifted, he would then adjust that vertebra oposite the direction in which it came.  I think that you will agree this this is logical, put it back from where it came. That is an adjustment. The doctor has improved the position of the bone.  It
may take quite a few of these adjustments, but each one improves the existing situation, always!

  A manipulation would be the moving of the bone or by an instrument is some direction. Without analyzing which way the bone has moved out of place, a manipulation rarely provides relief and never provides correction.

  Unfortunately the period of time involved in learning how to properly adjust a patient can take years. The manipulation, however, can be learned in a weekend seminar.  When I was newly out of Chiropractic College, I didn't know how to adjust a patient, but boy, could I do a manipulation.  And I'am talking about 300 to 400 patient a week.  Why they kept coming back is beyond me.  Very few ever got any better.  (But with enough advertising(we wee on tv)
we had one of the largest Chiropractic practices in the United States.

  But I didn't become a Chiropractor to make lots of money and my lack of results with my patients would eventually lead me to Northern California where under the tutelage of some of the top Gonstead Doctors in the country, I was finally able to gain the ability to deliver a specific adjustment to a patient.  Now, some 40 years later, I still am constantly working to improve this ability as what you don't use, you loose. It take work, the Gonstead Doctor is willing to do this.

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